Our staff members have an important function in the preparation and implementation of assignments. They are especially educated and trained for their activities, and most of them have many years of experience. Each procedure is handled by a particular staff member, who can also give advice regarding the current situation and further proceedings, under supervision and guidance by the notaries.

Our staff (in alphabetical order) are:

Anita Behrens
Kerstin Choo
Victoria Dirksen
Birgit Endres
Martin Fäller
Meriem Hichri
Katrin Katikaridis
Daniela Land
Bianca Mato Fernàndez
Gennaro Morano
Sebastian Müller
Sergio Pascariello
Elena Paskovics
Heike Püttner
Petra Rücker
Marija Ruskovski
Sabine Schäfer
Maximilian Schierl
Michael Schilling
Susanne Schilling
Monika Schott
Sibel Singer
Elisa Spranger
Anja Staudt
Brigitte Stellner
Ines Wiehe
Karl Wiesnet